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Make yourself stronger than your best excuses

We started FREE BIRD HEALTH CLUB in 2020 with the goal of reaching maximum amount of people and help them reach their goals. We are proud to say that our team is growing day by day and we are helping people of all ages and demographics achieve their goals.

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One on One Training

We have Highly professional team of Coaches who provide you 1-1 Training customized according to your Goals. We take care of every aspect (Fitness level, Any injury or Specific Goals) while providing you training.

Online Training

12 Weeks / 4 weeks recurring program with Customized Nutrition plan and Workout plan. Our coach weight Check ins Weekly.

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Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FSTā„¢) is a complete, full-body functional mobility restoration system. Medical and other professionals use FST as a neuromyofascial manual and movement therapy.

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Custom Nutrition Plan

We have Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist who suggest you best Customized Nutrition plans according to your goals (Fat loss, Muscle Gain, General Fitness, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting).

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Push harder than yesterday your Solutions moving better and feeling different tomorrow

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Make yourself stronger than your best excuses

* One on One Personal Taining
* Customized Nutrition Plan
* Fascial Stretch Therapy
* Online Training

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Your basal metabolic rate measures the minimum amount of calories that your body needs to perform necessary functions. These functions include: Pumping blood throughout your body.

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